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logariasmos® aims to provide the best financial management services for our clients in Indonesia and the South East Asia region

We strive to be the most successful financial business-process-outsourcing (BPO) services provider in the Asian region and continually improve our market share by providing reliable, accurate, timely and value adding reports and advice that are in conjunction with legal, financial, taxation and accounting standards applicable

Accounting & Bookkeeping


The Accounting & Bookkeeping division assists business owners by providing:


  • Daily accounting and bookkeeping services

  • Month-end transactional journals

  • Month-end adjustment journals

  • Explanatory notes to journals (when applicable)

  • Regular financial statements reporting

  • Forensic accounting and business recovery services


Outputs indude but not limited to:

  • Profit and Loss Report

  • Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)

  • Statement of Equity Changes

  • Cash Flow Statement



Our Taxation division handles all matters pertaining to dynamic Indonesian regulations by providing:


  • Corporate Income Tax Reporting (Annual)

  • Personal Income Tax Reporting (Annual)

  • Regular Income Tax Reporting (Monthly)

  • Regular Revenue Tax Reporting (Monthly)

  • Tax Planning services

  • Tax Management services

  • Transfer Pricing Documents services

  • Tax Disputes

  • Tax Legal Services

Outputs include but not limited to:

  • SPT Masa PPh Reports (PPh 21, 23, 4 (2), 25, 26)

  • SPT Masa PPN Reports (VAT)

  • SPT 1770

  • SPT 1771



Our Payroll Administration services takes care of the complexity of paying your employees' wages by providing:


  • Monthly calculation of wages

  • Monthly calculation of overtime and associated benefits

  • Monthly transfers to designated employees' accounts

  • Year to date reporting


Outputs include but not limited to:

  • Monthly bank transfers using Payroll facilities from banking institutions

  • Monthly payslips creation

  • Computation of Payroll Tax payable to Tax Office

Business Advisory


The Business Advisory Services team is ready to assist you by providing:


  • Best Practice Standard Operating Procedures (“SOP”) research

  • Best Practice SOP creation tailored to Company requirements

  • Business Process review and improvement strategies thereto

  • Company Processes snapshot

  • Change Management strategies

  • Mission, Vision and Goals setting and implementation strategies therein


Outputs include but not limited to:

  • Tailored Organisational Structure to suit Company's needs and resources

  • Job, Departmental and Divisional SOPs

  • Strategic Action Plans


Strategic Financials


In this division, clients are relieved from the hassle of determining when, where and how with regards to financial planning by providing:


  • Financial projections creation

  • Financial modelling services

  • Financial paperwork review and reporting thereof

  • Business planning services

  • Transactional, Mergers Acquisitions and Asset Disposal strategies

  • Corporate Valuation services

  • Corporate Financing services



Outputs include but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive financial projections taking into account regional and global conditions

  • Comprehensive Valuation reports

  • Credit matching reports

  • Loan application assistance and consultation

Executive Search &
General Recruitment


Our Executive Search & Recruitment services creates an efficient and effective method to attract talent into your Company by providing:


  • Job Advertisements tailored to Company's needs and requirements

  • Job interviews based on clear selection criteria

  • In-depth candidate filtering

  • Specialised recruitment services

  • Mass/ Individual assessment

  • Tailored employees placements


Outputs include but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive interview reports that include expert peer-to-peer interviews and pyschological assessments

  • Comprehensive market-rate pay levels based on extensive research and surveys

  • In-depth Assessment reports

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